BMW Lease - What am I doing wrong?

Hi all,

Been lurking and trying to run deals in the background for a 2019 440i GC xDrive loaner. I have been trying to get ~22% off MSRP, and just did, but the numbers just won’t add up.

Here is my lease calc for the recent one that came down to 22% off:

I noticed they didn’t put in the $4750 lease incentive or my $2000 loyalty, but even so the numbers don’t add up.

Thoughts? Thanks!

I’d argue they probably did put them in the selling price that would be $54000 before incentives. On the other note, you are quoting 15/36 lease, most of the unicorn deals are 7.5/24 or 10/24.

If I’m wrong and they actually lease you the car for $47,250 and apply incentives on top than you get it for effective $545/mo which would be pretty good for the 15/36 or at least not bad at all.

Thanks for the response. Can you tell me what I’m missing in my calculator?

Are my residuals off for 36mo? Also, looks like my security deposit was added onto the cap cost - is that normal? Thanks again!

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If there no rebates, I’d guess this loaner has more 5k miles. You need to get the lease worksheet which shows the RV and MF and all the other details of the lease.


What Jon said. I tried playing around with the calculator and my numbers aren’t lining up either.

Can you confirm following:

  • money factor before msd
  • amount of msd’s
  • tax rate
  • residual value

Don’t worry about the residual there is no way they can mess with that.
Find out the money factor they are using. (I’m assuming its maxed out)
Buy rate is .00128 (you put .00124 in the calculator).
No incentives/rebates have been applied you should contact them and let them know.

Ok so this is what we got so far…but some of it is being assumed.
We don’t know what they are charging you for MF.
And i am pretty sure they are including rebate in selling price.

MSRP: 60,585
Selling Price: 47,250 + 249 = 47,499 - rebates (6750) = 54,249 (10.5% off)
Fees: 585.50
Acq: 925
Rebates: 4250+2500 = 6750

MF: 0.00128 (are they marking it up?)
Residual for 36/15 = 54% (i don’t think it’s 57%)

MSD X 7 = NOT 2800…not sure what’s going on here…

Tax: 9%

You need to get the lease workup sheet…there’s something going on.

My calculation with no incentives added, base MF and MSD (4550) = $628 with taxes.
With 6750 incentives, it’s $429

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Thanks all - i’ve asked for both the rebates added as well as the RV and MF.

She confirmed MF is .00128 over the phone during the initial conversation.

I’ll get back to you soon!

They came back and said that’s with all incentives and loyalty. It’s funny because they gave me that number before they even knew I had loyalty. I know I’m throwing out some aggressive numbers, but damn these dealerships are shady.

Thanks all for the help. I’ll keep working some deals!

it’s typical of online pricing, throw in every rebate possible and then you have more leads. Nothing new here.

Also you need to tell them to forget about rebates and that you want xx % off pre-incentives.

That’s what happens when you assume things. You need to specify exactly what you are looking for when speaking with them.


Ask for discount off MSRP BEFORE incentives.

Unfortunately, I did lay all this out on the table. They gave me a price, then asked if I had loyalty, then gave me the same price and said it was included in. The entire deal was shady.

Here is a snippet of what I sent her:
Sale price (before incentives):
$60585 - 22% = 47256.3

Incentives after sale price:
$4750 lease cash
$2000 loyalty

Here is what she sent me:
I just spoke with my sales manager and we can do 47,250.00 plus , plus on the 2019 4 series. Let me know what you think. What can we do today to close this deal?

I asked her over the phone what plus, plus meant and she said tags. I also confirmed the MF as .00128.

Typical bait and switch. I called them out on it.

Thanks all for your help! I am noticing all these dealers that have these service loaners are basically trying to get negotiated new prices for used cars. Anyways, I have time, and BMW won’t give support these 2019s for much longer - someones going to want to get rid of a 600 day lot car at a great price.

I knew it. That’s what I encountered with the 5 dealers in Houston. Advertise with all the rebates included…but then when you ask for a quote, they start taking discounts away. Oh no loyalty…sorry! It works with the general public because they are unaware of rebates. I know I was when I did my first lease in 2015. I just focused on the selling price.

10% on a service loaner with almost 5000 miles…that’s pathetic. You can get more on a new car with minimal effort through a broker.

Looks like your incentives are being lumped in. (Half the discount, really.)

Be sure you’re asking for 22% before incentives (assuming this is a loaner/demo?)

My suggestion is, moving forward, to simplify your offer. Forget including a percentage and forget separating the incentives on another line they could look past. Just say “my offer is $xx,xxx, which includes $6750 incentives. With an MF of .00128 and residual of xx%, my payment should be $xxx with ONLY first month and tags up front.” Something similar to that is what I found got me the best results.


Yep, service loaner. thx!

Great idea, thanks for the suggestion! Do you happen to know the best place to find residuals?

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