Bmw - lease transfer


Got a really good deal on a x6 loaner last year , monthly payment under $500. Love the car , but it’s a little small for my needs ; so considering listing it on leaseswap / leasetrader. I paid taxes and fees upfront , no money down, live in New York . How do people go upon recouping some of the money they’re put down ? What’s “fair”? I’m not looking to make a profit, but would be nice to get some of the upfront cost back . Also , will the new lessee have to pay sales tax or will my payment be applied ?

Whats the spec on the car and what are the initial terms/remaining terms?

2019 BMW X6 xdrive 35i. White on black .
convenience package
Premium package
Metallic paint
Multi contour seats .
Heated steering wheel

24 month lease , going back July 2021. 10k miles per year , but I’ve only put around 3k-4K miles on it. ( don’t remember exact current mileage )

Sounds like a great car and deal for under 500

I imagine you could recoup atleast $2K and have someone pay transfer fee

Ask for whatever you want and see what someone’s willing to pay. The less you ask for, the quicker it will go.

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also look at other X6 deals on swapalease, especially within 500 miles of you and see how your price compares to others. If you’re the cheapest even with asking money upfront then you should be good.

FYI - dont let SAL talk you into their higher cost options, their basic $200 should be fine and if you ask they’ll often upgrade you for free to more exposure.

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Hi! I am interested in the transfer.