BMW Lease Strategy (Return and New Lease - somewhat complicated)


Current lease ends 5/31/21. Planning to get the pre-inspection done soon - expecting to get dinged on 1 missing car key (dog ate one) and pretty bad scratch on a rim. No issues with mileage - actually under on mileage. HOWEVER, the car was leased from out of state and in the last 2 years had 2 accidents with front/side body damage. The body damage was all repaired at a BMW shop and the car looks good as new. We originally wanted to buy it out but it’s not worth close to the residual value anymore.

We found a new car at a local BMW that is basically the 2021 version of the current car with a few upgrades. What’s the best strategy to try to get a good lease deal on the new car while having this dealership accept the lease turn in?

This doesn’t seem that complicated. You are returning a lease after completing a pre-inspection, expecting to pay for the lost key, and looking to get another lease.

If your lease is ending at the end of May, you do not need to negotiate now. Start looking into a deal 2-3 weeks away and read Leasing 101 on how build a deal and get into contact with dealers.

Most likely BMW dealers are not going to extend any favorable early lease termination for you since your car will not qualify for CPO. Buying end-lease vehicles and selling them as CPO vehicles can be very profitable, but only if it is eligible for CPO in the first place.

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I thought the dealership has to choose to accept a return otherwise we have to return it where it came from. We were thinking it’s not favorable for a local BMW dealership to accept our current lease since it’s not worth as much after the body damage.

The dealer only grounds the lease for BMW. They do not have to buy it. That should not make a difference.

Ah ok thank you. I misunderstood then. So we should be able to return it to any BMW dealership without issues?

In theory, yes. Just wait until May for starting negotiations since you will be keeping the car until the lease-end date.

You’re not going to have a dealer refuse to ground a lease if you’re picking up a new one at the same time.

I leased a BMW from a California dealer and turned it in in Lubbock, TX. No issues at all.

Look into getting the wheel repaired at a curb rash repair place. BMW will hit you at $400 or move per wheel and you can usually find a wheel repair place for $200-$250 per wheel.

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