BMW lease return experience

Just sharing my BMW return experience with everyone. Returned the car 3 weeks ago with zero body damage and 3 rim scratches under 2 inches. BMW rep at the dealer offered to do a final inspection which was convenient due to the covid situation. Prior to taking my car to the bay he asked if i purchased rim coverage through the dealership which I did not, question was weird to me but i ignored it. 15 minutes after inspecting the car he comes back with a $800 charge for the wheels, at that point I asked him to explain to me how he determined the charge just by looking at the rims and of course he didn’t give me a straight answer just said that its BMW and not him. At that point i told him to cancel whatever he is doing and to give me a odometer statement and order a 3rd party inspection. Moving forward to today i get a bill from BMW for $380, $350 disposition plus tax. (Once I got the odometer statement I took a detailed video and pictures of the car)
Hope this helps anyone.