BMW Lease return condition

I have to return a 2019 530xi after 45000 miles. I’ll be within the 45k miles but I will have a service light on for the 40k mile service.

Does anyone here know what they charge for the service light? Also, caan i just get an oil change to turn off the light or are there other things involved with the 40k mile service?

Code readers are cheap on AMZ, or go to an Autozone/etc. for a free read…chances are clearing it may be the simple fix, since some codes require multiple hits before it springs the light.


don’t you get free maintenance and it’s still should be in warranty?
why worry about this?

“ All model year 2017 BMW vehicles and newer sold or leased by an authorized BMW center come with BMW Ultimate Care standard for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever comes first.”


That’s part of the challenge with a 15k lease - you’ll likely exceed that threshold given the CBS lights go on based upon the computer.

OP, are you sure there’s a 40k formal service that needs to be done? I see 10k, 30k, and 60k in the 2019 530xi technical service book, so maybe you just have a simple oil change/filters CBS service due? (35-175$ depending on the location/DIY)

What does the iDrive Service Status screen (or the Service Needed section in the MyBMW app) show as needed?


Below is from my pre-lease return inspection from 2019. Each missed scheduled maintenance is $750.

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get the pre lease return inspection done for free … service light on they will charge a fee, service not done they will charge for the service

It says i need an engine oil change and a vehicle check. I know how to get an oil change done but is there a way for me to get the vehicle check sensor cleared?

Do you mean that if i completely missed a service, theyll charge me 750 dollars but if im simply due for a service theyll just charge me for that service? Also, being late for service like 1k or 2k shouldnt count as missing services right?

don’t they clear the sensor after service? at least Alfa did for mine (i didn’t even ask)

and you might be late by 1k only but they will find ways to charge you and will be hard to fight since the light was on

No. As long as you get any required services done (even if it’s a few thousand miles after they’re technically due) you’re not going to get charged for missing a sevice at lease end.

The automakers are not in the business of policing whether you got your car’s 30k service done at 29k or 31k or 33k.

In this case if the service light is on for an oil change, then just get the oil change completed at a shop that can reset the service light before turn in and you’re good to go.

I think being late is fine as long as you get it done… they will charge for service and to clear the light… but if the light is on when u go to return your car they will ring you with 750 service charge plus additional fee for light reset….make sure no lights are on when you return the car…. Check engine/service…. I just did my lease return inspection I’ll upload a pic of that in a couple days when I find it … but def. Do your pre lease free inspection so you know what they might charge for… tires is also a huge 1 make sure the tread is good

Any issues discovered is likely covered by warranty. All you are on the hook is one oil change. Why take any chances?

I wasnt planning on taking chances. Mostly i was wondering if i just can do the oil change and get away with it or if i needed to do a 40k service package

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You can reset the sensor easily. They’ll know, however, if that is done, and can tell the condition of the oil. If the oil change is done, whoever you have the oil change done with will reset the oil life monitor/vehicle check monitor.

Despite common misconception, you do NOT have to go to BMW to get an oil change if they aren’t offering the service for free. You are free to take the car anywhere you wish. Save the receipt to prove it was done.

Vehicle check is a generic way of saying “look over the car for any possible items that need repaired/replaced, in order to charge customer money.” This isn’t anything specific that needs done at this time unless something is found during the inspection. Unless the car needs brakes, tires, or another wear item, it will likely be covered under warranty if something is found during the “vehicle check.”

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Like other poster said, there doesn’t seem to be a 40k service.

There isn’t. It’s essentially a Multi Point inspection that the independent shop does for free but BMW will charge $250 for. They take a flashlight around and look for leaks, wiggle the tires to check for play, look for burnt out bulbs, etc.

It’s nothing more than looking over the car to find ways to charge 6x more than an indy would charge for the same service.

I’m surprised BMW doesn’t charge for the coffee in the waiting rooms yet.


Just get the oil change service done. They reset my vehicle check service marker (other 40k mile one) at the same time and I wasn’t charged for it.

Or you can just reset the service light/mileage on your own…just need to look it up online. I think you just need to push a couple buttons.

Check youtube there are instructions to reset oil change. Not sure if it will reset the vehicle check.

Don’t reset the oil change indicator without actually performing an oil change.