BMW Lease Questions - Answered

BMW Lease Questions - Answered

Dealer seems shady. That 4K is prob a CCR. Msd would be 3850 (550x7). And no you wouldn’t get that 4K back from the dealer.

Never heard of a security deposit of that nature for a first time buyer

If it’s a security deposit it’s held with BMW Financial not the dealer. So they are likely trying to swindle you.

I haven’t plaid much attention to 330 demo leases so search on here to see what others have paid. Payment isn’t bad until you add in Texas taxes.

Discount is more or less reasonable but with the point markup I’d ask for another $1,000 in discount. Has the dealer ran your credit yet that they’re asking for a deposit?

Regarding the point markup: Texas has really low doc fees so 95% of deals are going to have that tacked on so F&I gets paid, as long as you can get enough discount to offset it however it’s all kosher.

What are the rebates that they’re giving you? Are these incentives or something else? If it’s your first car, do you actually qualify for all of them (loyalty/conquest)?

I haven’t heard of any reason why you shouldn’t be able to use MSDs, at least in CA. Not sure about Texas, but I think previously in some areas they only allowed MSDs for previous MSD deals, it has changed in a lot of places – you can confirm whether TX should be able to accept MSDs by searching for other recent TX BMW deals on the forum.

Definitely don’t agree to the random “security deposit” and make sure to ask for a full breakdown of the lease so you can understand what the actual drive-off costs they are planning on charging you.

Some dealers just don’t like doing MSD’s…

Discount is weak. I was able to get 18% off a loaner 3. Push for base MF. Wait a week and get a OL from autumn event

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Won’t happen. I’ve gone rounds with several Texas dealers and 17%/.0004 markup is it for the time being. If you can wait a couple months, tax credits should be coming back for Nov/Dec which would make the deal a lot more pleasant.

I’m genuinely surprised you were able to get 18% out of an NC dealer, good work!