BMW Lease Question (330e/530e)

Looking at leasing in the next two months - live in metro Atlanta and want to get either the 330e or the 530e, so I can use the HOV lane. Got quotes for both:


MSRP: 48,205 (asked for base model + apple carplay)
Dealer discount: 4,500
BMW rebate for July: 5000
Term: 36 months
Mileage: 15k/year (I will likely go 2-3k over this, from experience)

Assuming 3k down, quote was $450/month. For a 24 month lease, it was $479/month

For the 530e:

MSRP: 55,845
Discount: 5,500
Rebate: 3,000
Cash down: 3,000

24 month lease: 628/month
36 month lease: 558/month

The money factor is .00206. I’m new to leasing, but basic googling suggests this is really high. I asked them about this, and their response was:

“For MF, we do not discount and opt to offer stronger discount on car. Every time we do it this way you’re netting greater savings on the overall deal than if you were to receive lower discount on vehicle but pay lower MF.”

I’m inclined to go for the 530e given the price difference, but honestly don’t know the right questions to ask.

The questions I do have:

Is either of these a good deal? Playing with the MF in the leasehacker calculator suggested the higher money factor amounted to an extra 1k in payments over the term of a 36 month lease (as opposed to the base MF of .00166). It seems like trying to get them to come down by 1k on price would balance out the higher money factor.

Apparently these promotions are good for July only. Are they worth doing a rate lock for? The dealer said they would lock in a promotion (and the rates) for 60 days if I were to do that, and only need to submit a credit application. Does anyone have any experience with this?