Bmw lease list**please contact me first***

Bmw leases are still “OK” but no where as good as they were before.

There are also regional incentives now… which makes leasing quotes different depending on which dealer.

All payments on cars with under 10,000 miles on the odometer are 36 month leases through BMW FS.

All payments for cars with over 10,000 miles on the odometer are 42 months through US Bank.

All leases are 10,000 miles per year.

First payment, DMV, tax, and fees due at signing.

No more security deposits.

If you’re in North Carolina and purchasing from Global BMW.

Payment listed is $400.

Your drive off will be $400 (first payment) + $288 sales tax (at 3% x 24 months) + $689 Doc fee + $88 Dmv.

These DO include the Acquisition fee.

These are NOT the final figures. This is just an estimate. The dealership gives out the final numbers. My numbers are not binding, not an offer…etc.

I am NOT a salesperson. I am the corporate buyer for most of these stores.

Please CONTACT ME FIRST! Some of my dealers do not understand what I do here.

Texas and Georgia customers… You have to pay sales tax on the SELLING price. Not on the monthly payment.

Please email me at

Here is the link:


Good deals but alas not the great deals that were once here. A good chunk do beat the 1% rule.

No California dealers?

There are cali dealers on there

Would you be able to combine college grad or any other coupon/incentives with these deals?

I can’t access the spreadsheet from work. Are there any good deals in SoCal? 3-series, X1, or X3?

No, however, there is a good 3 series deal in colorado.

It lists the payment as 360, msrp = 42k

Not too bad! …

Please check your PM/mail , interested in one car, but no reply from you…

Great list but unfortunately not seeing any inventory for California dealerships.

Oops my bad Monrovia is listed which is in SoCal.

Some decent deals on there. Do you take requests? :wink:

Didn’t see any on the list, but I’m looking for a good deal on a lightly used 340i w/ M-Sport.

You realize its whatever he has in stock. So he isn’t gonna buy a car new, use it and then sell it.

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Yes, but there are auctions, etc. Not sure if he has the opportunity to source cars or not, just thought I’d ask.

Would you want a 6-spd? Have $4000 down? Might transfer over you my 340. has about 18 months left and $150 a month. And you’ll get back $1050 in security deposits.

Track-handling, Msport, Drivers assistance Plus , HK sound, Tech.

Red over black.

Hi loberant, can you please check you email and PM, I’m trying to reach you 2 days…

I’m interested in 6mt. Please PM me

Guys, had somebody made some deals for this? Because I now have feeling like it is some scam. I’ve sent emails, PM replied on topic , but loberant doesn’t respond at at, while replying on other topics. What is sense of posting this deals and not replying for inquiries?

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I’ve done a deal with @loberant - he’s the real deal. Just busy.

Did you send it to my outlook email ? Because everything has a response to it.