BMW lease in VA


Can someone tell me if this looks like a good deal?

2019 BMW 430i xDrive Gran Coupe

MSRP: 49555
Sales Price: 44961
Incentives: 4250
Miles/yr: 10k
Residual: 28246.35
Months: 36
Money Factor: .00130
Total MSD payment: 3500
Document Fee: 299
Non Tax Fee: 331
Acquisition Fee: 925
Sales Tax: 2715 (VA)
Monthly Payment: 471.48
DAS: 7018.08

Wtf…hell no 7k DAS and 450+ per month for a base?? Do you think this is a good deal?

Anyways for this car aim for 12-15% off msrp if it is new 15-18% off for a loaner
If you get 17%+ off do a 24 month lease (63% residual) and waive acquistion

You should not be paying that much upfront in any circumstance

He’s in VA, taxes up front and full MSDs account for most of that DAS number.

Definitely aim for a healthier discount.

Ahh I didn’t realize that the MSDs were included in the DAS amount still pretty bad deal, however he doesn’t qualify for loyalty( at least that’s what it seems like) so that might be why, 10% off msrp on a new 4 isn’t a bad starting point but will have to work down to 12-15%

i think you should aim for 15% before incentives, just my thought