BMW lease extension questions


How much notice do you have to give to BMWFS before requesting a lease extension? And how easy is the process? Only looking to extend prob 2-3 months max but I’m trying to time my next deal and am trying to figure out some cushion so I’m not without a car.

You can extend up to 3 months. Not sure if you have to notify or not. Good question to call BMW FS about.

You can request an extension in the final 60 days of your lease term.

Ive only gotten approval for 2 months, but have heard others have gotten up to 6 (if they were waiting on an ordered car, etc).

it’s very easy - no questions asked you can get 2 months - after that, you need to show a receipt for a deposit or production number and then you can get another 4 (total of 6 months). I’ve heard of rare cases for certain special orders where they’ll go a bit longer. It’s pretty painless. Also, just remember your lease extension continues the same payment you have, prorates the miles, but not warranties (and you may have to pay for another year of registration). the other good thing is if you turn in your lease in the middle of the month on extension, you get refunded on a prorata basis.