BMW lease approval

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How do you gross $3k /month on a $28k per year job?

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They’re going to look at your annual average, not a weighted month.

Is this your first vehicle lease/loan?

Bmw tends to be a stricter brand for their credit requirements.

On $28k per year, with no established vehicle credit history, I don’t foresee you getting approved for the 330 or the m340.

(I also think spending that much money on a vehicle at that income rate is a horrible financial move)

Not happening.

I’d honestly recommend getting your masters first for the pay bump before hunting for a 3. Your cost for a m340 is going to be at least 600/month with inceptions and a general rule of thumb is not spending 20% of your gross (not even full time income) on a car is not going to slide with bmw.

You won’t get approved under recent college grad program either, they want dti under 20% and this would blow you over that.

You’re seriously advocating fraud? You gotta be joking.


There is always a chance of you getting fired. A job is never guaranteed.

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Then when they do attempt to verify it, what’s the plan then?


Unless you have academic tenure at a university I wouldn’t be putting 25-30% of your income to towards a brand new m340i…

ahh to be young and 21 again, time to move to NJ and lease a one pay chevy bolt lmao

Part of me still thinks this post is satire still.

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You didn’t imply fraud. You straight out instructed it.


Don’t commit fraud.

This isn’t a financial advice forum but you’re basically poverty level income for CA, and I don’t understand how it’s possible to have “no expenses”. Also you live in the highest tax state with the highest cost of living in the country.

I suggest you get some actual real world expenses (move away from home or whatever) before you start spending 50%+ of your net income to rent a vehicle. There’s a hell of a lot more to life than the badge on the front of what you drive :+1: finance something reasonable to build your credit. With your current credit profile and income you’d have a hard time being approved by Hyundai let alone BMWFS.

And obviously don’t commit fraud.