Bmw incentives?

Hi everyone, I was sad to learn that BMW discontinued the Fleet discount, do they do this normally and bring it back? I would love the 19’ X5 but fear there will be no good programs in November for this truck. Anyone think December may bring anything ok for this? Also, is the UDE the only way to get a discount these days?

Anyone who wishes to have one of the first 2019 X5 will pay to be an early adopter. Deals will be a few months (or longer) after the new model debuts.

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They’re modifying the program and supposedly bringing it back in Q1.

That said, it’s not going to tip the scale that much on an X5 to make it a fantastic deal. You’ll pay a premium till the novelty wears off. Maybe q4 of 2019 things will start to look good.

Any idea on how they are modifying? Of course fantastic deal is out of the question but don’t want to pay through the nose either

Then you’ll probably have to wait unless you get very lucky.

You’ll pay through the nose either way. If anything fleet will be 500. Sign up for BMW CCA and you can get 1k back.

Looks like BMW fleet discount is back. Can anyone verify?

“The BMW Group Corporate Fleet Program cannot be used in combination with other BMW / MINI incentives and sales programs.”

The quoted language is a big change from prior iterations.