BMW I5 - All Electric Luxury Sedan

It sounds like the dealership service guys are blowing you off, but I’m just trying to collect data to help. Because… I believe you. The car should be performing better than the cardata average efficiency. I don’t think the problem is battery degradation, data does not support that. I don’t think the problem is your driving style, because that hasn’t changed. I think there is some other problem that remains undiscovered.

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Yeah I know you’re trying to help. But BMW sure isn’t, and the general cult of EV is usually quick to extoll the tech when it works, then blame the user when the tech fails to deliver on the promise.

Look at all the fanatics on Tesla Motors Club… talking about how range is just fiction… about how FSD isn’t actually self driving… etc. Making excuses for EVs is easy, but it seems the audience of EV (other than you and ssh… I mean the general i4Talk crowd) just call other EV owners trolls unless they join the cult.

For real, what would it take to get a large population of people to buy one of these EVs to own long term, instead of treating them like disposable goods via leases? Would the automaker have to take extra steps to make sure customer satisfaction is met throughout the vehicle lifecycle? Because BMW sure doesn’t think so.

Some unknowing soul is going to buy this i4 e35 when it comes off lease. Sucks for them.

In a hypothetical where your ICE 4-series started getting bad mpg all of a sudden, do you think you’d get more support from BMW ? What about responses from BMW forum people ? I genuinely don’t know.

As far as Tesla “range is fiction” BS goes, I think it is a bit different. They knowingly advertise unachievable numbers and then show you “rated range” in car.

One of the reason I like ICE is that the potential energy of the gasoline has to go somewhere, and the vehicles have so much time in service that idiots like myself could reasonably identify where an inefficiency may be.

Like if the car smelled of unburnt fuel, lost compression, had milky coolant, etc then you know something is wrong. And there are like 100 sensors to detect bad air mixure in the hot end exhaust and cold end exhaust. Basically, instead of gaslighting me, they’d be able to fix the damn thing.

EV is stupid. It’s like a microwave or cheap ass Christmas Tree. It’s either working, or it’s not. They don’t have a reasonable way to fix these things instead of blaming the operator.

Battery has a dent? Totalled.

Car flashes a bunch of error codes and sits in the shop while people scratch their collective butts waiting for a “master tech”? Totalled.

Efficiency is in the dumpster? Blame the driver.

That’s why buying an EV (or a used EV for that matter) is idiotic behavior. If you can’t diagnose or fix something, then it’s at best a budget appliance. LH treats EVs like disposable hair driers. It’s a shiny car when new, but a rolling POS by the end of the lease. Or in some cases, people churn EVs every 9 months.

No wonder EV residuals are in the crapper. So few people could ever feel confident in keeping an EV on the road and operating “in spec” compared to the repair possibilities of ICE.

Lots of valid points. But still, would your BMW dealer help you much with bad mpg ? Would you even complain about it ?

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I don’t disagree with your present assessment of EV ownership. My issues are:

#1 I, and many here, have been serially leasing ICE vehicles way before switching to EVs. I’ve always treated vehicles as disposable hair dryers.

#2 The only exception was during the Tesla golden age, where for 3 years you could buy, drive and sell for a profit. That bubble has burst, we are now back to standard practices.

ICE RVs are not that much better. The 36mo RV for a 2024 BMW X5 is 51% - I could swap “EV” for “LAND ROVER” in your post and it would still be true.

Back on topic, my I5 received, today, the new software update that the IX got yesterday. Should be able to test out remote parking control at lunchtime.


I agree with you to an extent, I used to get 8 MPG in my Dodge Charger (I even had a license plate that read GRE8MPG).

But then I didn’t buy that car to be efficient.

I think if the manufacturers were at all wanting people to believe in the promise of how efficient/great these rolling appliances could be, then they’d actually help when there’s likely an issue with the efficiency.

But, I think manufacturers don’t really give a damn about EV. They just need to make some of these appliances to get the EPA credits to then turn around and sell more ICE.

IMO, there are a lot of JLR repair shops, they just charge a lot. There’s like 2 EV repair shops near me, and they only serve to keep more expensive Teslas on the road or help some of the more “OG” Tesla owners keep enjoying their 75Ds.

In 5 years, these BEVs are going to be getting salvaged out instead of repaired. But some typical LR4 will still be on the road (just with expensive repairs).

The thing about ICE is that after your serial leaser turns a car back in, there was a market to buy the used vehicle in the secondary market. And oftentimes that used vehicle would change hands a dozen more times before it reaches EOL.

I don’t see that same pattern happening for your i5 when you swap into a i7 next year.

I do find myself pretty obsessed about EV efficiency, where I never cared about mpg in decades of ICE driving. Extreme example was 530e, I was always looking at EV efficiency and never at mpg. By end of lease, I even had BMW run degradation test because range was getting very low. They actually did it, month before I turned car in.

How many miles are you getting when the battery gets to 20%? The range at 100% is sometimes way off/underestimating for no apparent reason. What is the your typical avg mi/kWh also?

Not offering this up as a ‘solution’ I know you’re p.o’d but just curious how poor your actual range is?