BMW i3S Lease Proposal

Love this car, BMW i3s I’m working on a deal and know my guy is very up front but just wanted to get some feed back on this deal. I tend to put ZERO down or drive offs on all my leases. Thank You.

MSRP 60,195.00

$55755 Discounted Price

$500 for Corp Fleet

$55255 Adjusted price

$7500 Lease Credit

36 months

15k miles

55% residual

.00166 MF (OAC)

$541 plus tax

$593 including tax with $0 down

$3036 drive offs due at signing

Terrible deal. 202020

Atrocious deal. Run far and fast from this dealer.

So what would a fair deal look like?

Explain please. What would be a good deal?

Explain please. what would be a good deal?

Search the forums for things like the 1% rule. Then search for similar deals to the car or brand you’re trying to lease. In this case, the obvious problem is that the dealer needs to provide a much bigger discount.

The first problem as stated before is the dealer is only willing to discount the price of $500 and that’s a rebate… times have changed but a deal in the $200’s or $300’s wasn’t bad with zero dos.

You do understand that this is the S model. Only one built like this here in So. Ca. Also I see MSRP of 60,195 and discounted to 55,755 and adjusted another 500 to 55255 and finally 7500 lease credit. It appears a big discount to me off sticker?

Since I want Hybrid or Electric - could this not be a better deal on a 530e?

$62805 MSRP

$57700 Discounted Price

$500 for Corp Fleet

$57200 Adjusted price

$500 Lease Credit

36 months

15k miles

56% residual

.00166 MF (OAC)

$751 plus tax

$822 including tax with $0 down

$2613 drive offs due at signing

Doesn’t matter, still a bad deal. It’s not like the “s” model is much better than the regular one. Also the 530e deal you posted is terrible as well. I suggest you read some of the i3 threads and contact some dealers and come back. You probably won’t get many good offers right now since it’s right at the beginning of a month, unfortunately.

Thanks. Again I wish you were more specific on why the 530e deal is so bad. Also you should know that this comes from a a registered member of this site that is highly regarded. I mention no names.

Have you looked at getting a certified used i3, you can get them for ~$20k with really low miles on them. You’re paying $24k+ for this lease where you can buy one for less and you’d own the car at the end and be covered by warranty. I’m a big fan of the i3 but the depreciation makes leasing without huge discounts expensive.

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No problem. Your lease offers aren’t good because the dealer is barely discounting the car. Almost all the discounts you’re receiving are lease cash or rebates. Most good deals require high dealer discounts (depending on a variety of factors, but usually at least 12% off for any car).

Just FYI, this can’t be replicated any more, but I leased my ex loaner 330e for 35 payments of $267. MSRP $60250. You might want to look into a loaner deal if you want a 530e

There just aren’t enough incentives available to get a good deal on a 530e right now.

Thaqnks. Does the 12% off include the 7500 Fed Tax Credit on the lease or after?

That’s what the dealer discounts before any rebates or incentives.

but we don’t always see all rebates and dealer incentives?

so to get it right. take 12% off MSRP, then apply rebates and incentives and fed tax credit on EV and you get your car price.

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Yes, that’s not what I’m referring to. If you read some of the threads here you’ll see that the rebates only are part of the discount. Think about it - if the dealer isn’t discounting the car at all, then it’s just like buying a car at MSRP. For a good deal, you need them to discount it a good amount (varies, but 12%+ seems to be the minimum usually), and only then apply any rebates or lease cash. The dealer doesn’t lose money from rebates or lease cash, that’s all funded by the manufacturer. The only money the dealer loses is when you negotiate the discount they give you on the car. For most deals on this forum, the dealer will either lose money or break even.