BMW I3 REX Lease Transfer $225/month, $500 Down

I have a bmw i3, which I like to transfer to someone. Monthly payment $225 including tax. I put $1750 security deposit, which i wanted during transfer. You will get that back when you return the car to BMW. No accident, no damage, perfect condition, well maintained. I require $500 down payment. 12 months remaining, Approximately 1130 miles per month remaining. Lease expires in June 2019. The MSRP is $51145. Have parking assistance package and moon roof. currently have 16800 miles. lease mileage allowance is 301345. You will pay the transfer fee. The car is in Sacramento, CA.


Should post this in the market place

Where are you located?

I’m definitely interested. Let me know how soon you can set up the transfer

This is a good deal for someone not only because that i3 is good deal at that price but you get the opportunity to grandfather the MSD for your next BMW lease in a year that itself is of value.

Another factor to consider for anyone in NJ transferring it is that your payment will be less than the 225 posted as there is no sales tax on electric vehicles so it gets better.

If this is still on the market, I am very interested.

I would be interested also, can this lease be transferred to Colorado?

Does this still qualify for the Red sticker?

I am in Sacramento. Are you looking for the $500 down to cover the transfer fee or are you asking for that to be covered too?

I am asking downpayment of $500 in addition to $500 transfer fee.

Does this have the small screen or the larger one (I think that’s usually part of the tech and/or nav packages?)

It has the smaller screen. No tech package. Only parking and moonroof.

Do you also want $1750 MSD to be paid at time of transfer in addition to the $500 down and the $500 transfer fee?

Yes.i want the security deposit paid to me during transfer.

IMO - was looking for an I3 lease and thought this would be a reasonable deal until I did my reasearch and found this - BMW is coming out with an extended range version of I3 for 2019 and soon the 2018’s will be leasing out cheap.
Also MSD program was trialed back on the east coast for this month; and there is a good chance that it may come back

I would personally wait before committing to this deal.

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Why would you thread crap on someone else’s “for sale” thread with this? Horrible etiquette. If you ant to post “helpful” info, start your own thread. Up to individuals to decide what’s important. Really lame to say “don’t buy this”…

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Is this still available? I am in Los Angeles and interested.