BMW i3 REX Lease expires soon, need suggestions

Only had 8000 miles on it. Still really loving it!

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I’m getting 4.2 - 4.3 Mi/kWh in the 2019, was getting 4.4 in the 2018. (I’m assuming the larger battery? as my driving habits are still the same.)

I think it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I seem to remember someone actually returned their i3 & arranged to buy it back. Saved a bunch compared to the residual. Something like that might work for you. As much as I like the i3, they are a niche car (even in the niche EV market) and now that BMW isn’t making them anymore I have to think a dealership would love to have a buyer.

330e doesn’t qualify for $7500, only $5800 I think. The problem is that they’re in short supply, and finding one at MSRP + a dealer who would give you equity on your i3 (few k), will be tough.

Did you extend your lease with BMW Financial? They may give you a few months, and possibly more if you have another BMW on order. Just an option to stretch you to the end of the year.

If you can hold off until January, a Chevy Bolt would give you a similar vehicle for around $25-34k since it would qualify for $3750 and possibly $7500 depending on battery guidance.

That doesn’t seem a high bar at all. I bet many ~$45k EV would exceed those parameters, especially range and ability to carry stuff and rear seat passengers. And the tech will probably seem miles ahead.

And I bet between depreciation, rebates and APR, the new EV would actually cost you less than the used i3.

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Recently came off my $149/mo 2019 i3 BEv lease after extended it for 6mos. There hasn’t been any comparable options for EV leases so I switched to a Tesla Model Y (financed) and, man, I missed both the car and the $149/mo payment.


We’ve been offered a 1 year new “early out” lease for $301/mo for the same car which can be terminated upon arrival of the i4 we have on order, or we would be in it for one year and then can turn the car back in.

Trying to decide what makes the most sense here.
I’m not seeing any “good” deals on anything EV right now which makes it more challenging.

That means you get to lease your current car (for a higher price) for up to 1 year? And you can terminate the leas when your i4 arrives?
Could you terminate the lease for any reason? (I. E. you find a different car you like)?

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That is correct however the lease can only be terminated early if delivery is taken of the ordered vehicle from my understanding.

Tough one. . . only you can say how much you want the i4.

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Will it still be under warranty? If so I’d seriously consider $3612 to punt for another year :football:

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It definitely seems like the best option right now to get us through another year. As far as I understand the warranty will remain which is a big plus also.

Someone I know put in an order he didn’t intend to finalize just to be able to extend his i3. This was in Cali where (i guess) deposit is refundable by law.

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That is a solid move for sure! Can’t find anything good for $300/mo right now