BMW i3 REX Deal - Thoughts?

First time poster - so take it easy on me:-) I heard about this forum through a friend and thought I would give it a try to get some feedback. I’m looking at getting into an EV car, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the BMW i3 - but also looking at the e-golf and playing with the idea of a model 3.

Here is the deal I got from the dealer - what do you guys think? Open to suggestions…

2019 BMW i3 19IB HB Range Extender
MSRP - $54,750 (Tech/DA package, 20" Wheels, PA & Wireless Charging)
Option Added: +$349 (window tint)
Dealer Discount: -$7,220
Rebates: -$7,500
Cash Down: $4,000
Lease Term: 36
Monthly Payment: $355 +tax

They said if I switched to a BEX it should drop my payment by ~$150/mo (Need to get that on paper, was in a rush).

Thanks in advanced for the input, I’m not in a rush - all feedback and help is appreciated.



Why are you paying $350 for window tint?

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Check out @bmwdave, have a feeling he would be helpful

I only noticed it when I got back from the dealership - I’d take it off, I don’t need it. It might be one of those “must have value-adds” that dealers put in. I’ve seen this a few times with 3M door edge protectors. If I stripped this off it would probably only translate to <$5/mo off… Right?

Thanks - I’ll reach out to @bmwdave

What?!!! If that’s the case you may want to look into if the ev only will be enough for your needs. $5K is alot of money! As many will tell you, roll that down into the payments.

Without checking, my gut says this should be a $0 down, sign and drive deal at that payment…
First rule of Leasehackr, don’t talk about Leasehackr. Second rule, don’t put any money down.

Depending on where you live, you may want to consider the egolf, especially since its about half the cost of the I3…although the range may be less