Bmw I3 rex deal questions

Hello, I am new here.
I found this site and got inspired to try leasing a car. I saw some great deals here on the I3 and thought I should give it a go. I want to go below 300 per month and found this in the LA area. Is this a good deal
1650 out of the door payment
250 a month with tax included
the price on a loaner car with 4k miles is $47,445
24 months with 10k miles per year.

Basically I want to spend less than what I spend now on gas. Should I just get an E golf. Or skip the leasing and just buy an elise.

Thank you.

Selling price?
Money factor?
Do you qualify for any rebates? ex: loyalty, college grad, etc
What’s included in the $1650 out the door?

You’re missing a lot of information to evaluate this deal.

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I am not sure on the msrp or the money factor. Its the rex with the harman kardon in blue and 20 inch wheels. I qualify for the previous bmw owner thing. and 1650 out the door is tax title licence all the stuff plus 1st payment.

Get all those information from the dealer come back and post your numbers here.
Car has 4k miles on it you need a nice discount off msrp.

The eGolf is a much better deal IF you buy it, have the 7500 fed tax liability and you are ok with the range. I have one and is one of the best cars i have ever owned. You could probably get one for $15-17k net.
Your i3 deal looks a bit weak but hard to tell with the posted info. Be advised that this car will not qualify for $2500 CVRP post sale ev rebate.

There’s been a lot of i3 deals posted the last few days. Although they might not be as good now since the quarter has ended. Many posters gave detailed numbers on sub $200 deals, some were as low as $75 a month effectively.

With Loyalty which was $3K…that’s where most of the difference is.