BMW i3 - Leasing newbie - San Diego - 12k/30 Months

Getting out of a Honda Pilot (I own it) and now I’m a SoCal commuter.

2016 BMW i3 - 12,000 mile lease (open to 24 or 30 month)

My gut tells me that with the 2017s coming, and 20% range improvements rumored, they have to be looking to eliminate inventory. Maybe I’m too early? Seems high. I’m not planning on using MSDs. I’m getting married and need that $CASH!!

MSRP - $55,895
Sale Price - $50,315
Rebate - $7,500 (Federal Tax)
Adj Residual $34,654
MF - .00137
"Upfront Charges" = $1,965.43
Total Cap Reduction = $5,550.42

$500/month - $0 down

FWIW on the “Base” i3

MSRP - $47,995
Sale Price - $43,245
Rebate - $7,500 (Federal Tax)
Adj Residual $29,756.9
MF - .00137
"Upfront Charges" = $1891.95
Total Cap Reduction = $5206.92

$383/month - $0 down

I am from L.A., and i3 is also on my shopping list. Waiting for someone knowledgeable to provide some good deals :slight_smile:

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I’ll continue to tell California residents to reach out to Greg Poland @ BMW Santa Barbara. He is a Bimmerfest board sponsors


10% off MSRP is decent. I’d aim to get 13-15% off. There are a few recent i3 deals on Lease Log; check them out here:

If you’re having difficulty, always good to cast a wide net of dealers and have them match each other.

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You may want to double check that the i3 will work for you. I’m just ending 3 days with one and while it’s fun, easy to park and has great options when you load it up, the range is roughly 62 miles driven in normal conditions and then the range extender motor kicks in. If you’re using the back seat for people, be aware it’s a bit of a challenge for even kids to get in/out of the back seat.

If all you’re doing is driving around Santa Monica and can take advantage of free charging, it’s a great car, but the further you get away from that target usage, it gets harder to justify the i3.

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