Bmw i3 lease question

Hi guys first time poster long time lurker :slight_smile: i learned alot from reading through many informative posts here. i wanna know if i could do better. I dont qualify for other incentives and i dont plan on doing 7 MSD

15k miles
30 mo
MSRP 53095
Sale price 45700
Rebates 7500
Residual 65%
Mf .00177
$1500 drive off
Monthly is $309

Should i do 24 mo instead and get the 71% residual?
But i wont get the $2500 rebate…

They are marking up the money factor (buy is .00137), the rest of the deal seems solid. It will be more expensive monthly to do the 24 month lease and forgo the $2500 rebate.

Thanks! They wont lower the MF… Is this normal or am i not negotiating hard enough? They keep saying bmw sets the rate and it has been the same for awhile now…

Well it is true that Bmw sets the buy mf what you are listing is not the buy rate. They are marking it up the maximum. This is all assuming you qualify for bmws top credit tier.

May I know which dealership gave you 71% residual for 24 mo? I went to a dealership in LA yesterday saw their doc saying the residual for 24mo/10k is 63%.

Bmw of mt view in norcal. They might hve sold all their i3s try bmw of stevens creek also in norcal

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