BMW i3 for price of Bolt - 1 Pay

$13769 36 mo/10k/year 1 pay out the door i3 Rex in MA with all taxes (6.25%) (includes doc 349, reg 57.50, aq $925, title $75, inspect $35, ti $5). Rex w/sticker 49xxx. MF drop from 152 to 132 w/1 pay. $2500 back from MA and $1000 back as coll grad so net is $10269. Need 36 mo to get the $2500 from state and is cheaper than 24 mo. Black Friday maybe another $1000 off. Better than a Bolt 1 pay at same price. Deal is about $221/month w/4000 down and all fees above for 36 month less $3500 rebates at end. 0 down made them explode and prefer 1 pay w/all the risk anyway.

I can’t tell whether this is an advertisement or your own personal deal that you got or if you’re asking for opinions on a deal.

Pretty awful deal considering it’s a 2017 and MSRP at $49,xxx. Wait until the end of the year you should see leases under 200/month with $0 down after rebate.