BMW i Wallbox Pro

Does anyone have any experience with i wallbox pro. Was this launched in US? Did anyone actually get it installed here in the US?

You can purchase it on

But may I ask, there are probably better chargers on the market or at least better priced for fast charging an i3 or i8.

This is just Wallbox. Wallbox pro is something else. Can you recommend some alternatives?

@Electric And @ElectricEliminator are our authorities on EVs. I don’t own one myself, did a ton of research on the M3 but didn’t get one for incentive reasons (expired, thanks Wolf).



The connected charger for solar homes, whose last firmware update was 2016 and the manual can’t be downloaded?

What feature are you looking for in a level 2 home charger? Scheduled charging? App monitoring? Do you have a PV solar system?

Yes. I have a solar PV system. I want both scheduled and app monitoring. I am not able to find this wallbox-pro in the US though.

Take a look at

So I got the Chargepoint home flex. Is it any different than Wallbox. I know wallbox in more expensive but is it any more integrated with the car than chargepoint?

Glad you looked into the Chargepoint. I have been using their level 2 (32amp) product since 2014 and have no complaints. I am unable to opine as to any differences between this product and the wallbox.

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