BMW full maintenance upgrade

I recently leased a BMW that came with 3 years/36K limited maintenance which is significantly different from the previous 4year/50K maintenance. The finance department wanted $2200 to upgrade me to full 4year/50K maintenance. Does anyone know if I can get the same plan cheaper outside? I remember getting extended warranty outside for half the price few years ago not sure about this though.

I believe this has been discussed at length on BMW forums.

My 2 cents:

The difference between 3/36 and 4/50 is most likely to be one oil change ($80) and one set of brake pads ($250-400). Pay for it out of pocket as needed.

I am changing my opinion on the maintenance program. It is NOT WORTH it. You are way better off if you pay out of your pocket as needed. Let me explain why so that you guys don’t make the same mistake I made. When I purchased this maintenance program (2 years or 100K miles for $2300), I was told that both brake pads and discs were going to be replaced for sure before the term is expired. Now my service adviser is telling me that it all depends on the condition of the pads and discs at the time of the serivce. Before I took my car for an oil change very recently, it was showing in the service info menu that I had 2500 miles left for the front breaks and 3200 for the rear breaks. That is why I purchased the package with an expectation that I will definitely need to replace the brakes within this extended time period. After the oil change they reset my service interval for the breaks to 25000 (front) and 32000 (rear). Now it is very likely that I may not even get my brakes changed before my policy expires within a year or so. I do not drive more than 15K miles a year. Before buying this program, sales person told me that my brakes (both pads and discs) would be replaced before my policy expires. So far, they did one oil change ($65 with coupon), spark plugs (between $300 - $400 at a dealership, cheaper at an independent shop) and windshield wiper ($39 for OEM part). I would be better off if I paid for these services out of my pocket as need arise.

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