BMW FS rates for financing

Quick question to those who know.

What kind of financing rates does bmw offer on new cars and demo’s (assuming excellent credit 750+).

What are their tier rates? Not lease, but finance.
I read recently it was starting at 2.64% up to 60 months.

I was thinking 2.5%-2.9% is reasonable?

Do they also offer 63 and 66 month options?


Moving to off ramp as this is a lease forum.


If you allow me to be flippant for a minute google dot com and then “BMW finance specials.” Just did this and clicked on first result which for me was local BMW dealership that listed finance specials including apr rayes and terms, for each model.

These rates all differ by car and model year. May also differ by location. Just Google it and they are readily available.


Thanks. ~3% as I see.