BMW FS Being Difficult with Pull Ahead


With one month left on my lease, I have been actively exploring my next move. I contacted BMW FS to see if they would waive or pull ahead my last remaining payment so that I can get into a new contract now. With inventory winding down, dealers having a tighter grip on discounts, and the expiring two payment waiver, I figured now might be the right time. Shocking that FS is not having any of it. They’d rather risk me moving off of BMW in a month’s time than retain me under a new agreement now. They suggest I “work it out” with the BMW Center. In other words, put a blinder on and continue to pay for both cars. Anyone have any experience? Very frustrating.

What makes you think BMW FS would change their current policies for one customer? Have you seen them do anything like this for anyone else recently?


You want bmw to change their entire current incentive system for you?


Kind of the point of the post, to see if they have done this for anyone else.

Yea, they’re not just going to waive your last payment out of the goodness of their heart, LOL.

do it like a normal person and just pay off the rest of your lease or roll it into the new one (not the recommended way). If you want pull ahead, start leasing from a different mftr.

It’s called customer retention, and not a foreign concept. BMW FS along with other lenders typically make special considerations on a case by case basis.

Bmwfs isn’t the one being difficult here


Not to mention BMW has a very aggressive loyalty offer for May, where amongst things they are essentially waiving your first month’s payment on a new lease. So if you really want a new car before your current lease is up, that will cover the ‘making payments on 2 cars’ issue.


Do you have any data points on bmwfs or any lender for that matter offering a pull ahead on a case by case basis?

Before this thread gets out of hand, OP its Simple, just reduce the amount of your last monthly payment amount from the loyalty rebate amount available for the new vehicle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he states that the dealer told him that on his last couple of leases…

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You’re all right. Just wanted to see if anyone had any luck with FS in the past. Figured atypical times might yield atypical concessions that would ultimately benefit all parties.

I think the point everyone is making is that between all of the loyalty cash plus the additional payment waiver on your new car, BMWFS has maxed out what they can do. So it doesn’t benefit all parties to give you even more, just you. If the deals aren’t rich enough to have you bite anyway or would flip to a competitor in a month, so be it. They’d rather that than open the flood gates to eating payments on top of the loyalty cash and the free payment.

The payment waivers effectively are like a pull ahead.


Noted. Appreciate the perspective from everyone.

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They don’t want the car back early anyway, surprised they didn’t ask if you wanted to extend

The additional rebate on loyalty (vs conquest) is their way of customer retention, typically around $1000. Not sure what more you want. Other brands waive last payments instead of giving higher rebate for a new lease.

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