BMW FREE Wireless charging pilot for 530e

BMW will install/remove the wireless charging pad for free.

I received that email too. But I think that only applies to new purchases. Can we apply for it if we already have the 530e?

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I just picked one up, I’ll bite!

Edit: Well, looks like only cars installed with it will get it. Probably only loaded up cars that dealers won’t want to come off on price too.

I watched YouTube video on how it works. Looks like the car has to be perfectly aligned with the pad. It’s much easier to charge with a cable I think.

Rolling out in CA.

I didn’t find this elsewhere on LH

200 people that “qualify” will get to lease a 530e for 36m and get the induction charger installed and later removed. No idea what the lease terms are, or whether they’re negotiable.


Best case scenario it’s set at employee pricing. Worst case it’s at full boat.

I’m thinking no loaner deals on these. They will probably go with the standard lease on these. That motortrend link talks about the 9.2 kWh battery but i would be surprised if BMW doesn’t test this on the new 2020 530e with 12.0 kWh pack.