BMW financial email: Save when you purchase miles before lease end

copied & pasted from email:


Dear Sucker,

As you near the end of your lease, the thrill of driving your BMW does not need to slow down.

The Mileage Adjustment Program from BMW Financial Services lets you purchase additional lease miles now at a discounted rate compared to end-of-term charges. Plus, if you do not use all of your additional lease miles – you can apply them as a credit to any lease end charges you may have.1 See below for important details.

Feel free to go the distance. Purchase additional miles today through the My BMW website or call BMW Financial Services at 800-959-4269, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Thursday and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET, Friday."

So, with 8 months to go on a 36 month lease my wife’s '18 X2 is 10K miles UNDER our contract. It will probably be closer to 13K under when we turn it in. This is 100% due to the pandemic.

I’m a little salty about this. This is not our first BMW lease returned under mileage, but it’s definitely the least we’ve ever used.

No biggie. I retired end of '19, my wife is retiring end of this year. We’ll share my Volvo after we turn in her X2.

I don’t see an issue here. They are giving you options in case you need them, you don’t you don’t use it. If they didn’t send these out there would be a barrage of whining about why was I not informed about this.

The whole thing of getting cranky at automated mailings and notifications is just silly IMHO.


Right. Not my first BMW. Not the first automated email from them. More ironic than anything. They KNOW how many miles the car has on it.

It is an automatic email sent by a computer program. There is no one actually pressing send or checking the miles. Most people will just think “good to know I could buy miles” and move on with their day. But now we know you get upset over a generic email that is sent to every BMW lessee that is rather inconsequential to everyday life.


Man, I’d be pretty mad at my parents if they named me Sucker. Not surprised you go by Bruce here.


I got a new car 3 months ago (another Mercedes) and still get multiple emails and mailers every week from MBFS and dealers trying to get me into a 2021 model.

Yes, they “know” the lease has ended and I upgraded to a new model, but the automated email and mail system hasn’t caught up. So what? This seems like a very trivial thing to get upset about. :joy:

Did you ever log into a credit card account and notice that your statement cycle closed the day before, but there’s no statement available to download yet?

That really gets on my tits.


Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

With a realistic RV you could have sold it to a 3P dealer for some positive equity.

But we all know BMW’s past great deals did not have realistic RV. In fact inflated RVs were one of the prominent drivers of those deals.

AFAIK BMW is one of the few brands that offers a mileage credit for underage. Check the BMW wiki.

He’ll get like $250 or $300 for being 25% or more under… whoopty doo

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… and only if he purchases or leases another BMW. That’s a loyalty credit. Ask me how I know


They don’t have to give you jack to begin with.

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True. But I don’t have to throw them a ticket-tape parade either.

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it’s a “perk”, yeah it doesn’t deserve a parade, but it’s nice to have. Not that it will make a big difference in deciding on a next lease, but it does have some sway. When I was getting out of my MDX the fact that I was 22K under contracted (23k used out of 45k) would have gotten me 15000 mile rollover to the new acura lease. That benefit did make me weigh acura leases more, but at the end I still didn’t go with another acura.

Acura seems to be the only one with a roll ahead program like that that actually is useful

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