BMW fans 528i, 328d, i3

Heading to dealer tomorrow Sunday in Sudbury Mass. I qualify for $1000 drive event and $1k loyalty.

HEre are advertised deals 36 months/10k
2016 new 528i x drive MSRP 58k, sales 47k 399 a month
2016 former loaner BMW 328d MSRP 48k, sales 41k 329 a month
2016 BMW i3 rex, MSRP 48k, sales 44k, 189 a month

All 528 and 328 are 3.5k down, i3 is 2.5k down (2.5k state credit)

My target
528i 339 a month, 1k down
328d 289 a month, 1k down
i3 119 a month, 2.5k down, (offset by state credit).

I will lease whichever I hit. What do you think?

all seems good, depending on their packages, since they can add up significantly also the miles allowed

I think those are three very different cars with very different prices and your salesperson is going to be very confused.

Good luck.

Its not the salesperson who is confused. It is them trying to confuse me.


Struck out looking on all 3 items. Dealer did not want to match advertised i3 lease price
2016 528i was a loaner with 5k miles
2016 328d was sold.

So I walked after managing to get them to go as low as 250 a month (from 350 month) but the dealer did not want to budge on the i3 more than 30 more and I saw there was no way we were going to hit my target.

Too bad :slight_smile:

Ever wonder why they advertise these “great” deals, but when you get there the car is sold or a demo? :slight_smile: Some at least put in fine print something like “Valid on stock # XXX” were you can at least check out the actual car before going to the dealer.

I am very familiar with the bait and switch. But at least it lets me cross off this dealer and move to the next. I am pretty sure they will be calling me come end of month.

They all use the same gimmicks to get us in.

Agreed. Tried to lease a 300 and even after telling them what i was thinking in terms pricing and them saying yes, its a different story once you get there.

dont get why dealer does this , if u angered a customer, shouldnt it be obvious they wont give you business

nowadays there are multiple review forums, google reviews/yelp/even leasehackr lol

they’re kicking themselves in the butt by doing this

Well depends on the market i guess. In NY they do not have to negotiate much because of demand, so they just try to get you in at any cost. If you never stop there there is plenty of other people who will.

Because there are always folks who will take this bait and come to the dealership. And most people find it very hard to resist pressure once there.

I wanted to let you the dealership has reached out to me and we are renegotiating the i3 deal.

I don’t agree that dealer’s “don’t have to negotiate”. Customers are in the driver’s seat lol, pun intended. This is a good year for car sales but not a great year. Most manufacturers have not hit their targets and inventory is building at all dealerships. This is the year to get a good deal done. Takes a steady hand and a poker face.

You just go to know how to play the game I think. After walking away, today I am flooded with calls and emails of please call us lol

Good luck on your search. I got one dealer calling me back so we will see. Keep us updated on how you do.

So true for the inventories that are building… Just in SoCal I can find 120+ 2016 3 series with some miles (I assume most loaner/demo) in a 25 mile radius