BMW Drive to end hunger. Dealer says its a 50/50 split?


The dealer told me the 1k credit 500 goes to the dealership the other to the customer?

It’s an OL code, so of the $1000, $500 comes from the dealership and $500 comes from BMW. If you have already negotiated aggressively, the dealer may not include their $500 contribution.


This is correct. Though we have heard of many deals on the forum where they’ve been able to get the full $1,000 on already aggressive pricing. It’s up to the dealer’s discretion on whether to give you the full amount. You could certainly argue that the ads are misleading since they clearly say “get $1,000 off”.


Super deceiving how the OL code states “1k credit”, but as mentioned, this is treated as a $500 rebate and on an already aggressive deal, no one will give the other $500 dealer contribution.

If you’re in CA, don’t expect the full $1k unless you left money on the table. I’ve only seen the full $1k on aggressive deals as @dukez mentioned in other regions.

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$500 FS contribution, $500 dealer contribution but many dealers will factor their end into the discount already being offered if sufficiently aggressive.

How did you get the drive to hunger code ? Currently BMW website shows the event but there is no where to register for it . Does the code come in email after attending event or it comes after registration ?

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