BMW Drive for the Cause

Is this truly incentive money from BMW or is it coming from the dealer’s profit margin??

Drive for the Cause

That fine print looks just like an OL code. 500/BMW and 500/dealer contribution.

Exactly, 500/500 plus 20 and 20 go to the charity selected. We are partnering with Rivers International which is local to us.



Now only if you had M340i :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this Drive for a Cause $1k is stackable with an OL code from an Ultimate Drive Event?


No. It IS an OL code. 1 per unit.

Thanks for the reply…but BOOHOOO!

I have a Portimao Blue, Black and Sunset Orange. The last 2 are in transit

What is on the SO… i keep going back and forth if i like this color

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Any of these events in NorCal?

Just go to your dealers website and it will show up

I looked at a few in my area and didn’t see it. Also the link from the BMW press release doesn’t work :frowning:

Can confirm, I just switched the link with the local BMW dealership, and this works. Although, it does seem like a lot of work to go in for a test drive to get the certificate.

Sunset Orange, Black Vernasca, ZDA, ZPP, 19’ Black Wheels, HK, Deck Spoiler and Black Kidney Grills $62,725 MSRP

Anyone find this offer at any dealers in NorCal?

Does this OL code work only at the dealer you did the test drive or can it work at other dealers?

Anybody went to the event and got the OL code?

I plan on doing so this weekend. Getting a car set aside with my CA to see if a 4 series is really for me (but in convertible form) or if I’m better off waiting for the 2021 model…

ah…good idea of trying out a convertible. Never drove one my life. It’s the perfect time to get one it seems if that suits you.

I just got a pretty nice deal on X3. If I can find a good deal on a 3, or 4 series, maybe I will trade the GTI my wife is driving. Of course, OL code is definitely needed to get there:)

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I did and have an OL code in my email