BMW discontinuing models for a year?

A dealer called me today to try and have me buy a 2020 model car because according to his inside scoop bmw isn’t making a 2021 Z4, x2, and the entire 8-series…

Can anyone confirm that?

Pretty much anything from Europe is done except for the X1. I had sold customer orders completely fall off the order bank and will get pushed to 2021s. The South Carolina plant is running one shift per day at a reduced rate, so inventory coming out of there will be slow.

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For people who only draw conclusions from headlines:

The 8 Series and Z4 in particular are strange additions to the list, since they both just went on sale. However, since they are new additions to BMW’s lineup, they should stick around for at least another four to eight years. It just depends on whether BMW wants to give either car a mid-cycle refresh before giving them the ax, if that’s indeed what happens.

I tend to think auto sales will go up as younger people get away from ride sharing. First because of the virus and second Uber and Lyft have significantly raised rates over the past year.

They are just waiting for economy to start back up

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I just asked the dealer where he heard about this… If he references that news article I’ll lose my mind.

There is nothing official from BMW about discontinuing any models. Every year, these speculation articles come out. The most recent one I could think of what that every 2020 M4 will come standard with the competition package for no additional cost.

Yeah he just said his manager told him so…

A lot of good that does.

Could be a useful selling strategy. As I were told many times, it won’t make difference when you buy now or later, and we are gonna have shortage of inventory and this is best time to get a car in your garage even you are not driving it.

Lol it’s useful but a complete lie. Imagine paying a premium on vehicles that aren’t optioned the way you want because it’s the last time you can get that vehicle. Come to find out w month later that you were lied to and the vehicle you really want is available and not indeed discontinued…

#Reference the now closed and dead rant/vent thread

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This happens in normal times. Sales people are trained to sell the inventory that they have. Ordering for the vehicle you want is not always open, or an option (or on time, as happened twice for me). My last 4 leases were a scavenger hunt.

This is why, starting months ago, some of us who have nothing to do with the car industry were warning people that if they were shopping the car and not the deal that inventory was going to be constrained. Guess what? The desirable models are running short and the undesirable models are sitting on lots. This is just one more example.

Nobody is forcing you to lease anything at all, or some thing that isn’t configured the way you want it, but keep in mind if you don’t take something now there may not be anything to take until 2022.

Haha how did this turn into something that I brought upon myself?

I was minding my own business not even thinking about cars (I was waiting for the opening bell) and I received an unprompted phone call. This phone call, under false pretenses, was a call to action for me to do something based on information is not true.

So in essence, the dealer (regardless if this happens during normal times or not), tried to use scare tactics and lies, to push me into a position to buy a car that if the lies were correct, I would do. If it wasn’t correct I wouldn’t do.

So how does this become my fault? I need correct information to make my non emotional decisions.
It’s simple. If the car will be built at some point, I can wait. If It won’t then I need to purchase what inventory is available. But at no point should someone give me intentionally incorrect information and have me make a decision based on that information.

Car dealers are essentially order takers. They are “trained” to sell consultatively but that model doesnt work for the car industry. Instead they hide their true purpose (move inventory) behind the lies of consulting. IF they were truly being consultants they would not put their own needs/wants above what is best for the customer.

People that don’t play devils advocate have been saying this for a long time: Sleezy salespeople don’t help the industry. Put the facts out there and let the buyer make their own decision, don’t try to bait them into a decision that is favorable for you.

Do these dealers only call people who leased?

I have purchased cars usually & never have I heard back from a dealer.