BMW Demo models & Sale prices

Looking to get into a 5-series given the current push by BMW to get the 2016 models out. Most of the dealers around bay-area have a vehicle or 2 already discounted (marked by a sale or special or value price) by almost 10% off the MSRP. Should i try and negotiate this down further or is 10% as much as the dealer would give?

Also should i try to negotiate more on demo vehicles for lease that already have this discount applied?

bump… anyone, any feedback on this?

How about post what deals you get and we can evaluate them. i got 8% off my 535 in the winter time with incentives. 70K car. So we’d need more details. This is the last production year so always push for mre and push for the base MF. Can give you two Cali guys to reach out to if you’re interested

pls share any cali contacts. would be great.

Please share the contacts or pm to me please.

Right now I have:

MSRP = $61,195
Value Price = $55,065 (already discounted on dealer website, no negotiating yet)
MF = 0.00137
RV = 67%
36 months, 10k miles
Monthly Lease = $479 + tax

Im on bimmerfest so everybody in California, who is smart, goes through Jon Schafer @ BMW Santa Barbara or Greg Poland @ Pacific BMW. Cant recommend those two enough. They are really busy guys but contact either via phone/email & text.

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I know it doesn’t account for MSD’s… yet. Want to get the price down any further if possible.

Id shoot for me. You could get that or close on a car with no miles. The two guys i posted will give you the best deal.