BMW Demo/Loaner lease question

Not sure if BMW Lease 101 is up to date, wondering if there’s updates on leasing BMW demo/loaner.

  • I think the loaner eligible mileage is extended to < 12000 miles. If this is the case, does BMW still calculates the residual reduction - (current mileage - 500) * 0.25 - and still apply the 7% additional residual drop or is there a new formula?

  • How about the free maintenance program and warranty? If take this current 3 years/36k term 10 months and 10000 miles, would receive only 26 months/26k miles of coverage for maintenance program?

Seems like leasing a new 2022 will worth more than leasing a 2021 loaner?

Executive, Loaner, and Demo Cars
Exec/Demo cars can be leased and qualify for lease cash, corp fleet, loyalty + recent grad provided an equivalent new model of the same year has lease support from BMWFS. MSDs, USAA and OL codes can also be used, provided the vehicle has less than 7,500 miles. Mileage under 7,500 is subject to a residual reduction of $0.25/mile or $.30/mile less 500 miles.

I.E. 3 series with 5000 miles. 5000-500 = 4500 * .25 = $1,125

I.E. 7 series with 5000 miles. 5000-500 = 4500 * .30 = $1,350

The car must have 4000 miles and 4 months of service.

the loaner has > 7,500 miles, there is a further 7% residual drop in addition to the mileage penalty.
(Unverified at this time).

You will also lose ANY incentives (Lease Cash, USAA, OL Codes, ETC…)

Corporate/Demo loaners would continue to receive the free maintenance plan for 3 years/36k upon lease inception. However, the clock starts on initial in-service date, NOT the date of you beginning the lease. In other words, if you take a 3/36 term 6 months and 5,000 miles after the car was put into demo service, you would receive 30 months/31k miles of coverage. The same would apply for warranty coverage.

Maybe some of the BMW dealers or brokers can chime in @BMW_Dave @HN308 @aronchi etc

My local dealer said the exec demo program has wound down. With supply issues, the big discount days for demos is over.

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