BMW Demo Deals ~ SoCal, Frequently Updated!



Yup, feel free to text me at 424-278-8216 or PM me here


Gor, if I have a $1000 UDE coupon (expires 10/31), what does it do for the deal - reduces drive off or reduces cap cost ?


From my understanding (From what I’ve seen a few of my dealerships do) it comes off of the selling price. OL is really for $500 since it’s supposed to be $500 from BMW and $500 Dealer participation, if they’re already giving you bottom dollar they won’t give up their end of the “Dealer Participation” because they won’t have anymore room to do so.


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 740i Demo (MSport, Executive Package, Driver Assistance Package, 20" Wheels, Apple CarPlay)
MSRP: $ 95775
Monthly Payment: $ 795+Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00182
Residual: 54.5
Available Incentives: 2k Loyalty/Conquest Applied


Nearing the end of the month, need a few of these gone today and tomorrow!


hi! do you mind sharing the options for the 530e you listed above?


Premium Package 2 and 19" Wheels, have another one not listed with Premium Package 2 and Driver Assist


Hi, newbie here ,
I live in nor-cal, what’s it like if I want to lease from you? Any trouble beside driving it back?


Hey @matyih,

Nope, you’d just get to enjoy the drive up in your new BMW


any more 530e’s?


what were the details for the 530e?


I’m trying to find more 530e


Got some 530e’s, will upload by tomorrow


Can you combined college grad and loyalty ?


Yes you can


Gor, thank you for the help on the 2019 530e. The bluestone color is stunning and very attractive!

For anyone else interested in his service with reasonable broker fee, he was able to pull the following number for me. This is with 1k Conquest and 500 UL discount (both include in the Taxed Incentives)


Thank you for the kind words and congratulations again on your new 530e!


HI any demo dealer 530 E’s or Black Friday deals from BMW ?


Will be closed until Friday guys!


Have a good amount of 18 X5/19 X3 Demo’s that I’ll be posting up