BMW Demo Deals ~ SoCal, Frequently Updated!



Added a couple more


I’m looking for 530e with driving assist for immediate delivery CA 90056, 12k/36. No loyalty. Could you pm me your unbeatable price? Thanks!





Any x3, x5 deals?


PM me if you’re looking for something specific


Mind if I check out that 330i MSport, Gor? :open_mouth:


can I have your contact info? Man… it’s sucks I just leased X2 loaner, much higher than your advertised, if ONLY I waited 3 more weeks.


My direct cell phone # is 424-278-8216 you can text me at any time


Are Residuals, MF different on a demo BMW. Something with under 5k miles? Compared to a brand new one


BMW Wiki (BETA) answer is here


Both are sold


So these deals only have loyalty included in monthly?


Correct, some have loyalty or conquest if it’s available.


Approximately how much would removing loyalty and adding college grad change the monthly? Looking at the $45535 330i.



Would come out to the exact same deal as advertised, both rebates are for 1k


Do you have any i3’s by any chance?



No i3 at the moment


Gor, thank you for the car. The orange color is fire!


Congratulations again Sergii, hope you guys are enjoying your new BMW!


Oh glad I found this, looking for a 530e myself. Are you able to find other cars not listed here?