BMW demo above 5k miles

Can cars over 5k miles not be leased anymore? I am at a dealership with many 2017 cars in the low 7k range and they said I can’t lease. I thought it just had a bigger residual penalty. They say no leasing.

Yes, they can be leased. It’s an additional 4% reduction of the RV, which further gets reduced by the mileage penalty (XXX miles -500 times $0.25). Not all dealers are created equal. However, the dealer could be right if the car turns out to have been purchased by a customer and then traded in.

The CARFAX says this:

Title issued or updated
Dealer took title of this vehicle
while it was in inventory
Registration issued or renewed
Vehicle color noted as Black
I would think that means it wasn’t sold.

Does it say “personal lease” anywhere?