BMW deal gone bad, no wheels on the car? Closed, why?


How is this possible…

I’ve been in contact with a few dealers and brokers trying to work a deal on an X6. A dealer calls me and says it sounds like you have worked a deal with ***** @ 15.5% off? I said cool that was my goal. Let’s do it! Long story short after a few confusing calls the dealerships says the cars wheels were sold on another car so they have a $5000 set of wheels they can put on the car and they can be residualized. The car already had black M wheel upgrade on the car ($600)… then they call me and say they can’t be residualized but they can sell them to me for $2500 when do I wanna come in and sign (lol) that blows up the lease. I tell the guy NO way, I’m out! What the heck are they doing? Is this some normal bait and switch tactic when they can’t reach your number? Unreal!

Sorry to hear, but you posted this already.