Bmw cpo and aftermarket parts

A coworker of mine bought an m850 cpo from the local Bmw store here about 3 months ago. She brought the car in for service and they told her it had an aftermarket exhaust and they wouldn’t do any warranty work on the car. She didn’t change the exhaust it was sold cpo that way. She’s understandably upset and feels she got conned, and they have basically told her to pound sand so far. I told her to get her paperwork and find the cpo checklist and bring it to the gm. Any other thoughts? Other ways to go at this would be much appreciated.

An aftermarket exhaust is no reason to deny a warranty claim on something unrelated, even if the owner installed it.

What is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act for Cars? | Capital One Auto Navigator


The simple answer is: it depends. Modifying a vehicle can make it more difficult to maintain warranty coverage, though the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act puts the burden on the automaker to prove that a modification directly contributed to the failure of a specific component. Acting as the automaker’s agent, the franchised dealership will typically decide whether, say, oversize wheels and tires contributed to early failure of an axle. On occasion, the dealership may reach out to the automaker on your behalf to seek a resolution—though these situations are relatively rare.

What a dealership and an automaker cannot do, according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, is void a warranty simply because a modification is present. For instance, a lowered suspension with aftermarket springs and shocks is highly unlikely to directly contribute to an inoperative power door lock. In this case, the automaker should cover repair of the faulty door lock.

I 100% agree but that doesn’t seem to have an impact on management’s decision not to work on the car. Should I just tell my coworker to take it to another dealership?

As it states, it depends.

The question is how the dealer CPOed the car with something that voids the warranty? Maybe bring this up to BMW corporate.

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I asked her the same thing, and why they can’t honor the warranty on a car they sold. I think since she is a petite, relatively young, Asian woman they think she will just go away.

Sure does anyone have a contact?

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Good news, I’m guessing there was break in communication between the service manager and the gm. Everything has been taken care of and they will honor all aspects of the warranty minus the aftermarket exhaust.


This might be a lemon law claim (Used claims are rare) but CPO’ing a car that isn’t CPOable is pretty serious

Maybe find an OEM muffler from Bimmerpost for your petite friend and ask the dealer to replace it while they are doing all the other stuff?

She likes the exhaust sound - not realizing it wasn’t factory, and doesn’t want to change it.

What if she likes the original factory exhaust better, but doesn’t know it yet? :grin: