BMW Courtesy/ Demo Lease

Are lease incentives available for demo/courtesy lease on BMW’s?
BMW NA Option Allowance, USAA, graduate

It would be nice to know before I ask a salesman. Other than a 20% plus mark down from MSRP and a $ .25 per mile over 500 subtraction from the residual value, any other things to consider?

PS My emails to Loberant are unanswered, so I guess he’s either swamped or on well deserved vacation.

Grad and Loyality can be used on demos/loners. Corp fleet and USAA can not be used on those.

Thank you. How about the $1500 lease option allowance BMW is providing for 2016 3-series? I am getting nowhere with the Texas dealers on lowering payments to a reasonable amount.

I had a tough time too here in FL. I went to 5 dealers before I found someone who would get to a reasonable number. Keep trying! And make them eat the cost for the lower residual due to miles on demos/loaners.

If you do have any luck please report on it - also in dfw

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Bryan/College Station said $399 was as low as they’d go on a $45k 328i. San Antonio quoted $395 for similar car after three days of back and forth with sales manager and director. Momentum had a great price reduction, then jacked up the money factor to max, giving $420 payments on a car discounted $10k off MSRP. Bad experience their with finance guy calling me stupid when the payment didn’t align with the mf quoted. It was off by $60, turns out, he was lying about the mf used. Austin two 328i available: both over loaded with options and black.

I was hoping Dallas had something to offer, but not now that you’ve posted.


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I think you will need to be patient and get in touch with loberant if you can afford to wait for when he is available again. Don’t forget that Texas charges taxes on the entire sales prices, so your payment will always be higher than someone from other states. 395 with the massive Texas taxes is not bad, but maybe BMWs don’t lease well in Texas (other dealers seems to offer a state tax incentive/credit).

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This will be my fourth lease and I curse Texas tax laws every time!
Our current lease ends in March, so no hurry, but I do think better deals are to be had in December. I’m a bit spoiled with our current lease - $248 month for a $40,000 Infinti Q50.

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Infiniti was one of the brands that was adjusting pricing for Texas taxes. 248 for a Q50 is a great payment, well on to January deals :slight_smile: