BMW Conquest Question Regarding Audi

Hey All,

I moved from LA back to NYC and transferred my 2018 Q7 to a friend in LA. As you know Audi FS keeps the original leasee on the hook for payments so my name is still on the AudiFS website under the vehicle’s account. Can I use that as proof for conquest?



Easiest would be showing your registration, I think

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Also, for BMW conquest, nothing is needed as proof. You technically dont need to even have a car to get conquest cash.

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Thanks, Dan! Then why not just include in the monthly allowance? Is it more just advertising/marketing to draw people in MB, Audi, etc over to bmw by having it separate?

Can you explain how to achieve that? Get BMW conquest without even having a car?

I honestly don’t know why they have that except as marketing
yes, you can get conquest without actually having a car in the household

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I quickly looked into this and apparently dealers have a quota of conquests they can hand out. They try to keep this conquest thing on the DL so you have to ask and try to get them to give it to you.

Though I have heard that dealers ask for VIN/insurance card for verification and that BMW is lenient.

Has anyone gotten conquest from a dealer without explicitly providing verification?

We just leased our X5 and got conquest without showing anything. Usually dealers ask the question “Do you have another car in the household?” and thats it.

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