BMW color changing car

This is pretty cool. The future is gonna be funky…

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I can only imagine what it would cost to repaint a panel on this.


Prob just total it like they do already with small accidents it seems…

Pfft, I saw this one Free Guy! On a Smart car at that :slight_smile:

It’s a wrap, not paint

That’s because it’s a concept. But if it goes mainstream I don’t think any OEM is going to put out a ‘wrap’ that will go bad after a few years of sun exposure.

Was just about to post the same thing.

There’s a bit more info here:

That’s actually fascinating that it’s a wrap (I assume the layer is very thin). Wonder how they pass a current through this.

Also wonder if they will somehow tie pigment changes to vehicle functions (such as if the car senses a steering input to turn, or if the car senses someone in the car while parked w/ the windows closed, or as a replacement for hazard lights).

Do all wraps have to go bad? I assume they could create a UV-resistant wrap.

Ita because it’s basically a big kindle screen.

Real question is…what color will it be registered as? :thinking:

Chameleon of course.

“We have a black BMW speeding west bound” perp changes color to white…haha

By the time this ever became mainstream I’m sure police will have remote access kill switches for all the electric cars on the road left

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Oh, will the wrap then show a big frown-y face when it’s activated? That’d actually be fantastic and hysterical.

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