BMW College Grad Program Question

Hello, I leased a service loaner 2017 BMW X1 with less than 5000 miles on January 1st of 2018. I am less than 2 years out of graduate school and when I asked my internet client advisor on whether I can use college grad discount he told me that it doesn’t apply to service loaners since they are not considered new or CPO. Recently, I saw a few deals popping up in the forums here and there for a service loaner which takes college grad discount into consideration.

So is what I’m told right or wrong?

I copied and pasted this from a CA who posts on another board, and it is from this month:

Eligible Vehicles
– All New BMW Model Year 2017 and newer vehicles are eligible.
– Program Cars (BMW NA Company, Sales, Extended Test and Demonstrator, Retired Service Loaners, Shuttle or Mobility Assistance Vehicles) are eligible upon consumer retail.

Ineligible Vehicles
– Any vehicles older than Model Year 2017 are not eligible.
– Diplomat, Stateside Military, Domestic Military (USAA), and European Delivery Vehicles are not eligible.
– BMW College Graduate Incentive cannot be used in conjunction with Center Employee Lease or BMW Group Associate, Family Program, and VIP Purchase Program.
– BMW Group Corporate Fleet Program vehicles do not qualify for the College Graduate Incentive

So, yes, loaners are definitely eligible.

Thanks for that.

My follow up question would be, do you know if BMW can honor incentives after the car was purchased?

Unlikely. Contract is signed.

I would tend to agree with JamesBond, but I don’t know for sure. It doesn’t cost the dealership anything, so they might be willing to redo the contract if it was signed recently enough, but either ask the dealership, or call BMW FS, however, BMW FS will probably just direct you back to the dealership.

BMWFS sent me a 1k check for our lease after the fact for an OL code. It is possible.

This is the reply I just received from the dealer.

“When we were originally working the deal and you asked about it I called BMW FS directly and they said unless we certified the X1 the Grad program was not applicable. So that answer came straight from BMW.”

So I guess it depends on whether or not the car is certified or not?