BMW Clearance Event help PA

I’ve been in touch with this dealer for a few months and we’ve been unable to do business because I’m looking for a lease hacker price and they aren’t having it. However, today I received an invitation to their “clearance event” happening at the end of the week and the GM personally called me to tell me that he will heavily discount all 2018’s. When I asked which cars he was willing to heavily discount, such as the 3 series or x2’s, he stated that all cars had to go. So, I’m going to go and play the game and see where it takes me. However, any advice on how to proceed with this situation? I actually do not care which BMW I drive I’ve had a 328i xdrive for the past 3 years and I’ve enjoyed it. I personally just want a great deal for either a 3series, 4 series, x1 or x2, but I’m not in love with any of them. I drive very little and just want something fun to drive. Suggestions??

Define your version of “leasehackr” deal. If you’re trying to get 30% off a brand new, you’re wasting your time going. If you’re trying to get 8-12 off new or 15-18 or even 20% off a loaner, it all depends on how much the dealer wants to play ball.

In all likelihood, it’s a gimmick to get you in the door in hopes you fall in love with something.

Im not looking for a miracle. I understanf they have to make money. I’m looking for a good deal, their ad says 12% off. Should i shoot for 16% off new car with no miles? Or 20% off for a loaner?

The add is marketing. The discounts include incentives. You need to know the incentives. Try other dealers as well.

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Manager from Passport actually called me out of the blue last week even though I only contacted them once in Feb or Mar. Then they followed up with email. So there may be some push there.

This dealer has almost 100 2018’s available. That’s a lot of cars that need to be moved. I reached out to another competitor and asked if they were interested in playing, we’ll see if they respond.

I just noticed the dealership on 2nd glance. I’d be very shocked if he got a great deal here, although out of the Pittsburgh BMW stores, this would probably be the most “aggressive” if you want to call it that.

“This is 3 days only!”

Why? Because then you don’t have to get rid of your 2018s after that?

Right there is your clue it is BS marketing.

Amen! It does sound like BS. Should I go or not? I don’t mind wasting a little time, but maybe a miracle will happen. I figure the 3 series, X1 and X2 would be the best cars to Target.

I know these things are a gimmick, but I always feel that you can always use it in negotiations a little. Keep saying stuff like “I thought you said all cars must go” when they won’t come down further. Its not going to change their bottom line, but it will at least explain why you expect a crazy price.

I’d be surprised if anyone got even close to a hackr deal at a Pittsburgh area BMW dealer. It isn’t SoCal with a BMW dealer on every corner and they have a captive audience willing to pay through the nose.

Don’t actually go to the dealer. Every single topic on negotiating here says do it over email or phone


Okay, I’ll start by sending off quote request on cars from their site.

Yeah, just to get customer’s attention, 90%. But they may be a bit more generous than usual.

I’m in pa as well and I can’t get any dealers in the philly area to get me more than 15% off demos, unless it’s a 320xi in orange.

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What’s wrong with Orange? Love oranges.

I don’t hate it either. Just an example of what they’re willing to let go at 15%. Meanwhile in cali they’re 275/month.

He won’t…He’ll have to travel outside Pgh to find one “hackr” wise, anyways. Of the BMW dealers here though, Rahal gave the “best” pricing when I was looking…although still pretty weak in comparison to outside dealers.

Doesn’t hurt to try I guess, though. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, although I wouldn’t hold my breath either.

You’re probably right. I’m originally from Texas and I’m used to dealers fighting for your business. Up here, they could care less, maybe they have smaller inventories and less overhead. Either way, the BMW brand as a whole really has gone way down, in my opinion. Mercedes, Lexus and Audi offer better quality vehicles and are more competitive with their prices. Hopefully, the new series that will be announced this winter will bring some excitement to the brand, after all I don’t know how many people can afford cars such as the new 8 series :roll_eyes:

The response from P and W BMW, the competition.

What to do… What to do…