BMW Change to Demo Policy from 7/2/2018


I am looking into some BMW demo units that have over 5,000 miles and the sales rep I am dealing with at my local dealership is telling me that BMW Financial is about to change some policies related to executive demos starting from 7/2/2018. He says changes are expected to move in favor of buyers.

My sales rep is not sure what the changes are but says there may be added incentives and/or improved residuals compared to the current penalty of -4%/-6% for units that have 5,000~7,499miles/7,500~9,999miles.

Does anybody have an idea on what my sales rep may be talking about?


The only ones that might have an inkling would be the BMW dealers on the site. Other than that, we’ll have to wait until 7/2 to find out.

I’m interested in this change as well… I just called my CA and he didn’t know anything about it.

I see a lot of stale 7500+ mi demos sitting on lots.

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I recently looked into getting an X1 loaner with under 5k miles. It was going to be more than a higher MSRP new model.

I asked this morning, was told GM heard of a change coming but was unsure exactly what. He was skeptical it would actually improve the rates from now.

Going through past BMW RV for 2016, seems like they have sometimes bumped it up to increase sales of old units in July. They skipped doing that for 2017 but hope that returns for 2018.
5 Series RV 64% -> 67% back in July 2016
3 Series RV 63% -> 66% back in July 2016
X4 61% -> 67% back in July 2016


There’s really no use in speculating on what will happen until you hear the word from BMW themselves, or know someone that may know something (which is doubtful). For all you know, the sales rep was talking out of his ass and has no idea.

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Agreed. Programs setting is always volatile, rumors float around every month and you never really see the rumor come to light or it’s a washed down versions. Example: The hype over MSD’s to find out that it was not as good as anyone expected.

@Samson I was really eyeing that 640 demo :wink: now I think i should wait till July

It may be on very specific situations. We ran into this problem last year regarding the 2017 and 2018 X6’s. When '18 got its lease credit a brand new one same MSRP was actually better than a demo discounted 15k. It didn’t make sense for us to try and sell it, and it didn’t make sense for a customer to lease it. Eventually someone financed the car, but being in a 96-97% lease market these are really bad circumstances.

:joy: We gotta wait until July 5th, programs extended for July 4th

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On a related topic, is true MSDs can’t be applied (or rolled over) to BMW demos over 5k?

basically no incentives after 5k miles, except some exception on APR credits.

Any updates on this :crossed_fingers:

Noted above…

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They got everyone on the hook! Mission accomplished! Lol


Anyone got any MSDs and LEASE CASH!!!


Any update on this ?

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