BMW CCA. Worth it?


Quick question on advantages of 3 year membership with BMW CCA? Recent lease on BMW loaner. Understand that I’m ineligible for the $500 rebate. However, are there other advantages to joining? Opinions appreciated.


No because the best deals are usually on loaners, demos, executive cars and BMW CCA doesn’t stack…if you’re buying new or ordering a car then yes.


I joined the club because we actually have a chapter and get together frequently


I love the Roundel mag, it’s worth that alone IMHO


Guys, I want to join CCA…anyone wants to share his ID for this?

Member Referral

Did a current member refer you to BMW CCA? If so, enter their member ID below for them—and you—to be entered into separate drawings for a chance to win a one-day M School at the BMW Performance Center!

Members who refer others to join also receive $5 in BMW CCA Bucks. So, once you’re a member, get to recruiting!


Sure. 555810

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Shoooooot haha @dukez 557572


Feels good to be a gangster :slight_smile:


You would have to sign up for a three-year membership on the day you purchase a new eligible car, correct?


I think so…I didn’t purchase the car yet, just planning to…


Thanks @dukez , I used yours


One year renewal is enough but you have to be a member for a year in that case. Get three tho you’ll love Roundel magazine, not just for the pictures :wink:


It depends what you do with your local chapter. I volunteer as a coach for their teen driving school when they are in town. Tire Rack Street Survival

LA chapter is very involved with organizing the Legends of the Autobahn during Monterey Car Week.

I am one of those idiots who giveback to the community for the thousands of rebate I have taken over the years.

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Here’s my member ID for referral 457884

Keep on hacking!

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Using yours :smiley:

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Hey guys quick question im wanting to purchase the membership but keeps saying join date of 6/1/19… how is that possible if today is only 5/14/19??


I think you have 15 days to join.


anyone having this same issue?


Contact BMWCCA, it’s probably a bug.


yeah ill just give them a call. thanks n e ways guys.


Considering I cashed one check from them for $500 and will be cashing another from them ASAP… yep! Just be patient with the rebate process- they do it REALLY manually.

I toss the magazines they mail out in the recycling though lol.