BMW CCA Rebate -- Declined due to new car considered used?

Hi All–

I leased a 2019 BMW 540xi back in October 2019 (via one of the brokers here). The vehicle was new (55 miles) and was not a demo when I took delivery of it (lease papers indicate it as new). My BMW CCA Rebate ($1000) was submitted immediately after taking delivery of the vehicle, and has been pending since then. BMW CCA had approved the application back in Dec 2019, and was waiting for BMW to approve it ever since. I had been asking BMW CCA for an update on a monthly basis, until they finally said they’ll push BMW to have it approved by end of May.

On June 1st, my application was denied stating the vehicle is considered a used vehicle since it was reportedly retailed to a customer in Aug 2018, and sold to me as a second owner in Oct 2019.

I asked the dealer to back the original owner out of the deal so it doesn’t look like it is used, but they said they cannot back the deal out that far in time. They did say the vehicle is titled new and registered as new, they will also provide a letter stating I’m the original and only owner of the vehicle.

Any ideas how I can get my $1000??

If they are saying its used then how did they lease it as a new vehicle? Maybe you could show them your lease contract where BMW Financial acknowledged your car as new?

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If the car was ever titled (would show in Carfax), nobody can back that out. If someone took the car home, it wasn’t titled, and deal unwound: it can be sold as new.

Sounds like yours is former? If so I don’t think it’s CCA eligible, no matter what they told you in December.

They said the vehicle was titled new

I did provide them my lease contract that stated it was new.

How long do you have to wait after you sign up for bmw cca to get a rebate on a lease car

It’s now 6 months after you sign-up, you can lease a car qualified to get a rebate.

Thanks for the info

Does anyone have any ideas on this. Seems like the dealer artificially marked up the miles in the system (533 vs 55) and marked it used despite the contract stating it was new.

Post your lease contract and the Carfax for the vehicle.

What will the carfax show?

When it was first titled. Just post the VIN if you don’t have the Carfax.

When did you file to claim the CCA rebate? Did you file with a NJ address? Maybe the rebate processor got confused and thought you were the 2nd owner because of the 12/17/19 title update?

Filed it 10/31/2019 with NJ address. No the first owner in the system is listed from 2018. They sent me a screenshot of how the dealer entered the info as used and increased the miles in the system to 533 miles instead of 55 miles.

None of that shows on Carfax.

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I was/am in the same situation. Purchase an M5 from OpenRoad BMW (NY) as brand new with only 20 miles. Lease docs and title stated as “New”.

Applied for BMWCCA. waited almost 9 month. Got declined because “not new”. Send them all docs, still declined. Couldn’t resolve it after trying all ideas. Also contacted original dealer for them to change docs, but they disappeared. I gave up.

Funny thing was that when I took a car for the first maintenance, they also almost declined to pay because the car was registered to another name. After some discussion they honored that warranty. From what i understand, apparently someone ordered the car and then changed their mind and it was relisted. Maybe not.

Sounds like a deal that was unwound, which is why the confusion with original owner/lessor etc.

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doesn’t it feel like these cars were maybe previously punched and then sold?

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Any update on this, after much much back and forth between me, dealer BMW CCA and BMW NA, and after threats for legal action… the dealership has decided to cut me a check for $1000 in lieu of the CCA rebate.

Just 10 months later… :roll_eyes:

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A win is a win whenever you get it. Congrats!

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