BMW & CarPlay Access



We all pay for this crap one way or another, whether it’s baked in already or option it.


Then this is rip-off as a standalone option. Bake it in and don’t even mention it, I wouldn’t really mind it then.


Then they just mark up the MSRP to compensate.


Obviously. The point is that this an option that I cannot even use. Different from an option I don’t need, but could potentially use.


The brand isn’t close to what it used to be. Cars aren’t that dynamic, road feel is gone. Tech is meh.

Why I did buy from someone else.


BMW is def going down the wrong path and has been for a few years.
The built in nav is unusable, clunky, voice command address is always wrong, traffic wrong, time to arrival always way off. BMW is already putting zero effort into the nav, to then charge for ACP is redic.


I still have the file so I can always flash it again.


I beg to differ, although I’m not sure what version you’re using (mine’s the 17 upgrade). I think it’s the easiest, most intuitive system I’ve used to date. I’ve never had an issue with voice commands, including highway with windows down. Outside of the certain advantages Waze has via CarPlay, it makes the CarPlay interface just blah. It’s also way easier to enter addresses than Waze/Google Maps.

I’m in no way saying BMW is the best car out there, but I think they got iDrive right…at least the version I’m using.


I disagree , I used more than six different nav systems each more than a few days and bmw ranks towards the bottom , u-connect being the best .


Actually, entering addresses in Waze via carplay is super easy because you can do it via voice interface. With waze open, I select the microphone with the idrive dial and press, then state what info I have, and waze shows me a list of possibilities that I then scroll through with the idrive dial and press on the correct one. To be honest, I never tried the built-in nav. But I prefer waze thanks to the traffic/police/hazard notifications.


mine is 2016, ugh … you def have the upgraded system over mine


After almost 3 years I discovered that it is way easier and faster to search and enter location using Volvo-on-call app with built-in google maps and send directions to the car than actually doing the same in Sensus :slight_smile:


Volvo app is light years ahead of BMWs. BMW takes 10 minutes to locate the car, signs you out at the most inopportune times, and forget the forced spotify whenever you plug it in.


BMW thinks their customers will pay. So far, they’re right. Their customers are mostly interested in the brand. The cars BMW is turning out are crap. They know it. That’s why their warranty sucks and why BMW and it’s dealers push back on what is covered for warranty repairs.


I seriously can’t get a straight answer on this. Same dealership, I got 3 different answers.

  1. You need several packages, including the exec package
  2. You need Navigation with a touch screen
  3. You need enhanced bluetooth

I looked at that usb site. But is there a chance one of you knows for sure that I can activate CarPlay on a non-touchscreen, non nav unit? The 330’s that I’m looking at don’t have it.


Not surprising… I was told wireless charging was a requirement. Candidly they just don’t know, rather than knowingly trying to mislead you.

According to BMW’s documentation, iDrive 5 and nav are the only requirement for CarPlay.


Huh so if no navigation it might not work. That’s a bummer.


Not sure what nav specifically provides, but seems to be the case. Search the Bimmerfest forums as there are ton of threads on enabling CarPlay in different scenarios including older cars. I just wouldn’t suggest flashing the entire unit or doing anything too extreme since it’s leased.


It can easily be flashed back to OEM if needed. The only issue would be should the head unit need repaired, you’d have to reflash everything and lose any settings. I’ve coded several things on my car with no issues.