BMW Announces All-New, High-End Model!


How much more premium?

Are they going to complete with Urus & Betayga?

Or are they feeling the heat from Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

Probably more towards bentayga and less towards jeep…the only people to worry about the jeep is Escalade and navigator

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Isn’t there something with a V12 that is already built on the X7 platform that is upmarket. Maybe with a floating logo in the hubcaps, fiber optic “stars” in the headlining, and really thick carpets…I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.


Just what we need, just as heavy as an X7 but with far less utility.

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People in California will eat that car up, x6 Ms have to be ridiculously popular in SoCal. Can only imagine a Urus killer x8 m


R something…?

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Bmw’s Maybach I guess. They should put the bouncing feature, all the rappers love it in the Maybach GLS.


It just Rolls off the tongue, but what was it…


I have friend named Royce… he’ll know… I’ll ask


Cullinan on a budget.

I don’t know why they have to tease it out since the X8 has been already captured in a bunch of spy shots.

I’m sure BMW will be pulling a lot of engineering from the Cullinan and incorporate what they can.

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I think they should just focus on actually building the lines they already have out without allocation freezes and decontenting rather than introduce new.

Big glizock just got a red one lmao


The problem with that is that building more vehicles on the lines they have helps the consumer. Building large SUVs that have huge profit margins helps the company / shareholders in the short term; being able to reallocate chips / parts to these profit makers under the guise of shortages makes it a no-brainer. This new vehicle was on the roadmap and was going to come out anyways; they’re already prototypes rolling around.

The real question is How big will the grill be?

It won’t be pretty.


Its like internal BMW is a war between bean counters who want to cut the model lines down and marketing guys who want to pump a new one out for every niche. I feel like it wasn’t even 2-3 years ago when BMW was cutting back on model types and variants and now here we go again.


May be BMW just can’t get out of the D!ck Measuring Contest with MB…

I just want the wagons back stateside.