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Hi, I’m in NY, leased from a NJ dealer, 2018 330i GT through BMW Financial Services. I need to replace my tires but i still have 10 months to go until lease end so figured I should probably get a new set instead of risking a used set going bald on me in the next 10 months too… I’ve called everyone and cannot get a straight answer as to what will be acceptable replacements to pass inspection/turn-in.

On the car, the pretty standard:
Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS Run-Flat Design RFT
Front & Rear: 225/50VR18
SpeedRating: V
ServiceDesc: 99V
LoadRange: XL Ply Rating: 4

Will BMW accept if I put on tires with less ratings like:
Goodyear Eagle Sport AS Run-Flat Design EMT
Front & Rear: 225/50VR18
SpeedRating: V
ServiceDesc: 95V
LoadRange: SL Ply Rating: 4

I don’t want to spend another $300 if i don’t have to for the same tires that are on there… I can get a new set of the goodyears mounted, installed and balanced for $675.

Thanks so much for the help – obviously $675+tax that isn’t acceptable isn’t going to work but I cannot get a concrete answer. I’ve tried calling the dealer and BMW financial services and still not sure.

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