Bmw 740i deal. Can’t make the numbers from the dealership work

Trying to work a deal for a 2019 740i in Tampa. Getting a good discount due to the new 2020’s arriving but can’t get the numbers to work. Any thoughts on what I am missing?

Tell me about it. I got two quotes from them yesterday and I put them in the calculator and the numbers are way off!

Exactly! It doesn’t make sense which is why I think I’m missing something!

If you link your calculator, people can actually evaluate your inputs and provide feedback.

On my quote they provided the MF and it turns out they over inflated it. Very strange.

Please link the LH calculator link with your deal inputted. You mention can’t get them to work…work for you in terms of what you want or work with what you are seeing calculated?

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Linked. What I’m seeing calculated although I am still a newbie at this so need some expert eyes to critique the numbers.

Haven’t looked super closely but I’m assuming they at least marked up MF

First thing you need to do is ask what the sales price before any incentives is. Look through that whole calculator - you will see a section for Taxed Incentives - this is where you will enter all the incentives you qualify for i.e. a lease cash offered on the 7 series, New Grad rebate, OL Code, etc.

I think you need to read some of the 101s on this forum before you dive into getting your own deal, at least if you want it to be a real Hackr deal.

edit: @Skirkh to be honest, if you would like the car sooner than later and don’t want to deal w the ins and outs of this process, hire a broker, pay them a small fee and they’ll get you in something nice. Check the Broker section of this forum.

Unless OP entered it wrong, MF is actually correct.

I meant that since MF isn’t listed on the lease sheet, they probably marked it up. Yes, buy rate is 0.00165, but until the dealership confirms that, who knows what they are using.

Where did you get that RV from? No recent May posts on Edmunds but looks like it’s 54%, not 56% for 12K. That and marking up the MF is likely the difference.

Thank for the input. I understand the details and have gone over the 101. The only thing I may be entitled to is conquest but I haven’t added it as the deal from bmw did not include it.
Not having much luck with brokers in FL right now. Nobody responding which is why I’ve been trying to do it on my own.

Haven’t gone into detail with the dealer yet Regards MF and residual as they were adamant that they couldn’t go lower. I have seen some other deals on here with 56% residual so had assumed that was the number. Haven’t seen anything on Edmunds recently about May residuals so may be wrong.

Regards MF and residual as they were adamant that they couldn’t go lower

MF can be inflated, but residual can not. Ask the dealer for the following: Sales price before incentives, MF, residual, incentives dealer has added. You need to distinguish all the pieces to the puzzle to piece it back together yourself.

Dealer can change or manipulate the RV… post to Edmunds to get the right numbers for your exact model and zip code for May.

Thanks. I will do that.

Yep, you are correct, the residual should be 54% based off Dave’s grid that had 36/10k at 55%.

I think you’ve got a perfectly fine start on your own - I’d just ask the dealership to break down discount in terms of incentives versus actual dealer discount and confirm what MF they are using.

Just by changing the residual and bumping up the MF to max possible, the monthly jumps up to about $939…obviously not matching what the sheet says, but a little closer.

here’s the link to what @Britten440 is referring to.

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Good advice. I’ll go on Edmunds and see what the May numbers are.